"Highly recommended. Does excellent work. I love her ability to work with varied professionals/staff and keep all focused and on target. We take full advantage of her writing, marketing and other skills; they bring great benefit to the Foundation. Very good at graphic design; gets things done quickly. Very good at web design. Just hire her and don't look back; you'll be happy you did. Just don't steal her from us." 
Steve Beck, Executive Director, Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

"Cheryl has the unique ability to immediately understand what someone is trying to say. She improves upon their words, but is still true to their thought and individual voice. Whether she is writing original content or editing another’s writing, Cheryl possesses an exceptional capacity to create imagery and develop rhythms that draw in the reader seamlessly. Her witty sense of humor and sensitivity to others makes everyone comfortable and provides a pleasant collaborative environment."   Darlene Adams, Founder/Principal, Adams Design

"Cheryl created and now provides support to our website. She has done an excellent job - always very prompt in responding to requests. She is helpful and always goes the extra mile. It's a pleasure working with her."
Robin Tapper, President, Harvard University Club, Concord

"Cheryl is a talented writer and editor. She is creative, insightful and forward thinking. Excellent at listening to your goals and needs to bring your vision to fruition. Cheryl's editing skills are excellent, she found mistakes that I would never have seen myself and also gave very constructive suggestions on how to improve the wording of the book. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in hiring the best. I would use her again for sure."  Cliff Aguirre President, Williams & Gold Communications

"Cheryl has that quality that’s hard to define but easy to recognize:  character.  She takes constructive criticism without defensiveness, offers criticism and support with tact, and possesses a powerful urge to learn and grow.  I’m not surprised that Cheryl has been using her talent to nurture other talents, teaching creative writing workshops at libraries, literary centers, and schools."            
Steven Cramer, Director  MFA Program in Creative Writing, Lesley University

"One of Cheryl’s strongest attributes is her ability to understand and analyze complicated things, such as a particular user requirement and corresponding product feature.  She is an expert at interviewing end users about future product requirements, asking them about features that they might not yet be able to envision since often the products IT Strategies helps to design are on the leading edge of new technology."       
Marco Boer, Partner, I.T. Strategies Consulting Firm  

Cheryl is a thorough and discerning editor. When I completed a memoir, I asked Cheryl to do the editing for my manuscript. Cheryl found important sections upon which to expand and enrich, and others that were either too long or did not add to the story. She has the ability to see your writing with fresh eyes and provide editorial advice with integrity, while not compromising the essence of your writing. I will be using Cheryl in future projects. She is the best!  Mary Verdier, Author

"I have been fortunate to work with Cheryl on multiple projects--annual reports, newsletters, fundraising events and grant proposals. She brings her creative energy, writing and interviewing skills to the table in generous ways that inspire others to collaborate effectively. Cheryl has the ability to gather knowledge form various sources and distill it in order to communicate with different audiences. Her efforts consistently led to increased donor revenue which benefited our students."
Jane Spitz, Independent Writing & Creativity Workshop Facilitator

“I have worked with Cheryl on many marketing, PR & development projects for industries from non-profit to legal. She is a focused collaborator, usually able to sift out target goals even when we can not clearly explain them ourselves. Her flexibility and sense of humor makes for easy collaboration with all levels & professions. Because her skill, talent and experience enables her to get to the heart of a project fast, we have saved time, money and increased our client relationships. I highly recommend Cheryl without reservation."
Connie Kelly, Graphic Designer/Consultant

"Cheryl's interviewing methods and creative writing skills, coupled with an ability to understand technical food product application concepts, allowed her to use her skillful and creative sense of marketing to capture the essence of Concord ’s Oringer Division. Her high level of professional ability and positive state of being would be an asset to anyone’s organization.” 
Richard Renna, Manager, Oringer Division/Concord Foods www.concordfoods.com